Darkness Quotes & Sayings

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Darkness means absence of light in any place. Darkness is considered evil according to ancient mythology. Generally, at midnight, there is darkness all around. The worst thing about darkness is that it is extremely haunting and frightening. Darkness is a feature of all gruesome and haunted places. When darkness prevails in one’s surroundings, one cannot place things properly and finds it difficult to make any movement. One tends to collide with things, while making any movement in an atmosphere of darkness. In the words of singer Janet Jackson, “In complete darkness, we are all the same, it is only knowledge and wisdom that separates us, so don’t let your eyes deceive you.” In contrary to darkness, brightness or daylight is always found preferable, by all and sundry. Darkness can be overcome by lighting up the area, where it prevails. Killing darkness brings respite, especially when one is in a haunted place.



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