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Anarchy has to be shunned in all prospects and the cure of anarchy is freedom and not slavery. Lawrence Lessing said “a culture without property or in which creators can’t get paid is anarchy and not freedom”. It is tyranny, blood shed and political disturbance and there is little hope of peace in anarchy. Many great actions have cropped up from anarchy you should not praise either a life of anarchy or something beneath that. There is a beautiful world in between these two which god has given us to enjoy. Anarchy, in a way, liberates the human mind from the dominance of religion, human body from the dominance of property and from the shackles and restraint of government, according to Emma Goldman. Anarchy is present in a very small fraction even in the mind of young man which on liberation can bring in great changes. Take a look at these quotes on anarchy and get an insight into it.


Mark Passio

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