Cruelty Quotes & Sayings

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Cruelty means an act of inflicting pain or suffering upon someone else. Cruel people indulge in cruel acts. The pain inflicted upon someone can be in the form of a physical or mental torture. Either ways, it is bad and torturous for the person, who bears the cruel act. In the words of Lucius Annaeus Seneca, “All cruelty springs from weakness.” Being cruel to animals is really shameful. This is because they are also living creatures. Cruelty is inflicted upon animals in several ways. Several animals are poached too and exploited for their hide. Organisations such as PETA, work for protection and ethical treatment of animals. Cruel people can never be happy. Life always comes in a full circle. If you do any act of cruelty towards someone, you will also be dealt with cruelty by someone or the other. Here are quotes on cruelty given by people belonging to all spheres of the society.


Abhishek Tiwari

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