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“Never let me go” are the words that you often say to your beloved or your beloved often says to you when both of you are quite serious about your relationship. When you are sure about the person with whom you are in a relationship, you just don’t want the other person to leave you in a lurch. You want the company of that person for a lifetime and want to stretch your relationship till eternity. Relationships are a beautiful experience which make you love, care and understand someone completely. It is understood that a person with whom you are in a relationship is quite intimate to you and you obviously share all your little things with your beloved. Your beloved becomes your strength and pillar of support. Your beloved is, in fact, the person with whom you feel the most comfortable and you share a great level of understanding with your beloved too. It is difficult to stay away from someone who is that close to you. So, you often tend to come up with these words and repeat them on and off, in front of your beloved i.e. “never let me go.” In the words of Mark Ruffalo, “They would never let me be a crossing guard when I was a little kid. It would come up, I'd always raise my hand, and I would never get picked. They thought I was too wild, but I knew I was responsible enough, if I was given that task.”


Hermann J Steinherr

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