Broken Heart Quotes & Sayings

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A broken heart is the result of a broken relationship or marriage that fails to stand the test of time. Any relationship or marriage demands a lot of emotional investment and decisions which are taken with the heart rather than the mind. A broken heart leads to several deep wounds in the heart which take a lot of time to heal. Time is nevertheless a great healer. The wounds which are inflicted on a broken heart get healed with time but they leave behind indelible scars and impression on the mind. To avoid the repercussions of a broken heart, avoid getting into relationships entirely or be a part of one rock-solid and steady relationship that can survive the test of time and bring bliss to the couple involved rather than causing grief or sadness. In the words of George Bernard Shaw, “A broken heart is a very pleasant complaint for a man in London if he has a comfortable income.”


Chloe Williams

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