Corporate Interests Quotes & Sayings

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Corporate interests means business interests. Corporate interests are behind any new venture that any corporation takes up. Corporate interests basically target business growth and profit becoming manifolds. Every big company always has these corporate interests in mind, when it plans out its business. In the words of Phil Donahue, “I think that the idea of creating a television news source that is not beholden to corporate interests is like nirvana.” Corporate interests help to bring about steady and paced growth of any organization. Corporate interests, keep on varying from time to time. A company takes up different strategies to expand its business. Any corporation can move from strength to strength progressively, if it has its goals, ideas and strategies thoroughly planned. Corporate interests are the reason because of which there is so much competition and struggle between all the leading companies, who are always making plans to be successful in their business ventures.


Vince Megna

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