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Corporation has become a necessary evil in a democratic society. Corporations are fast becoming the people’s masters; actually they should be carefully restrained creatures of the law and the servants of the people. President Theodore Roosevelt said, “There can be no effective control of corporations when their political activity remains. Though it is not an easy task to put an end to it, it is achievable” Corporations have amassed huge wealth and more power that they are said to govern and pose a moral threat to the public. Therefore, in certain cases, it is essential in a democratic country to defuse the powers of corporations to save democracy. Then the corporations must be offered their subservient role. President Woodrow Wilson said, “There was a time when corporations played a minor part in our business affairs. But now, they play the chief part and most men are the servants of corporations” Here are quotes on corporations given by political leaders and read them and think over the ideas given by them.


Leon Lazarus

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