Hypocrite Quotes & Sayings

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The term hypocrite is used to describe many of different people who at the bottom of it, pretend and tell others that they are one way, but instead act behind closed doors in another manner. A hypocrite in the religious sense is one that preaches the message that his or her religion asks them to preach, but behind closed doors doesn't follow this message at all. A hypocrite in the public is someone who makes those aware around him that they should do and act a certain way in public, but in turn commits acts and says things that he just preached against to others. Hypocrites are a people that will be with us always, and are a people who have been around since the beginning of mankind probably. Hypocrites lack the courage, and morals to stand up and do what they know in their hearts is right to do. Hypocrites also lack dignity and self control.



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