Heresy Quotes & Sayings

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Heresy is the opinion or belief that contradicts the established religious teaching that is officially condemned by religious authorities. True, heresy gives freedom of thought and is opposed by the more rigid followers of religion. “Heresies are experiments in man’s unsatisfied search for truth “says H G wells. Heresies can come only from religions that are in full vigor. So, it is a healthy option to encourage heresies but it is left to the majority of the people to find out the truth and value of it. Only when there are varied opinions, clarity will be achieved. Otherwise, the good old customs and traditions pertaining to religion will hinder the growth and spread of religion as it makes it difficult for more people to follow. A dead religion will not have heresies and is significantly different from prophecy. The following are quotes on heresies given by great thinkers and philosophers.


Giordano Bruno

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