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Songs are a great way of expressing all kinds of feelings, joy, sorrow, sacrifice, patriotism, love, and passion and so on. Songs are universal and eternal. Frank Zappa once said, “There are more love songs than anything else. If songs could make you do something, we would all love one another”. Songs have been the passion of many great poets, royal men, and ordinary people alike. It does not need great literature brains and genius to write songs. Even a layman can write songs that are embedded with meaning provided he puts down all his feelings sincerely. William Thackeray said, “Who loves not wine, woman and song, he is a fool his whole life long”. Songs can also help to heal the grief or sorrow which cannot be shared by other human fellow beings. So, songs are a great way of expressing your feelings. Read these quotes on songs which act as excellent quotes to be shared.



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