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Miracles are wonders or marvels that happen unexpectedly. Miracles can happen in every day life, in sports, while curing a disease or anywhere else. In my opinion, god created miracles with the sole purpose of rekindling the faith in man. Miracles are events that happen only to those who believe in them. Others simply dismiss them as just another event. But opinions differ but it is impossible to create a miracle because they are not made but just happen, which is very much beyond our control. Hence, we believe in miracles. “Miracles happen to those who believe them” said Bernard Berenson. It is unwise to expect a miracle to happen quite often as it would lose its value if it becomes very common.” For the truly faithful, no miracle is necessary .for those who doubt, no miracle is sufficient”. This quote sums up the entire concept of miracles. Given here are quotes on miracles to read and enjoy and share.


Mike Messerli

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