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Philosophy is the study of basic concepts of existence, nature, truth, reality freedom and casualty and so on. Philosophy gives an account of the naked truth that other commoners fail to perceive. John Grier hibben said, “Philosophy is concerned with that which is in contrast with that which seems to be. Its aim is to reveal the reality which underlies appearance’. Only a few are able to look beyond the truth and reality and give philosophical quotes. It needs a little bit of new thinking, viewing things from a different angle and think by standing apart from the crowd-to become a philosopher. Philosophy should be encouraged because it gives an insight into certain things which we firmly believe. The greatest asset of philosophy is that it holds good for all centuries and is unmindful of the changes in people, place, birth or country and stands the test of time. here are quotes on philosophy. Read them and think over.


Air Atman In Ravi

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