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Hump Day is the weekly day of Wednesday. Wednesday is the middle day of the working week days, as per western work culture. Hump day denotes the proverbial climb uphill or the monotonously hard time spent while getting through a tough week. Monday, the day which starts off a working week is usually very irritating since the weekend hangover still exists. Anyhow, by the time the "hump day" arrives, people start taking a sigh of relief and begin with their weekend plans. They give themselves solace by reassuring themselves that the weekend will be around in two more days. The moment one is through Wednesday, the feeling is comforting. One knows that two days of relaxation and hang-out are around the corner and this feeling gives a lot of solace to all the working people, worldwide. The importance of "Hump Day" shall remain forever in the lives of all working people who eagerly look forward to Wednesday, which gives them hope to stay strong since the weekend is coming.

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