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A girlfriend is a young woman with whom a man is romantically involved. Girlfriends are a great strength of support and good girlfriends often stay loyal and committed to their boyfriends. Girlfriends are good to have provided that they are understanding and share a compatibility level with you. But being in a relationship is a full-time job, if you can’t stay committed and loyal, it is advisable that you don’t fall for anyone and maintain your status as single. Have a girlfriend only if you can stay loyal and committed to her. On the other hand, a girlfriend has to be understanding and has to make many sacrifices to sustain a relationship because no two people are entirely similar in every aspect. Differences of opinions are bound to creep in, sooner or later in a relationship. It takes two people to start a relationship but only one discordant person to break it. So, as a girlfriend, keep it simple and just learn to love and learn to give. You will have your partner eating out of your hand.



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