Wedding Speech Quotes & Sayings

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A wedding reception is typically characterized by speeches from the ones closest to the couple. A wedding speech is an important part of the wedding ceremony and usually takes place once the couple has been announced as man and wife. Wedding speeches that are usual to a reception are the ones by the groom, the bride’s father and the most awaited one by the best man. A wedding speech by the best man is usually the highlight of the ceremony and much sought after. It should be nothing short of impressive to say the least. The groom usually considers the ability of pulling off a decent wedding speech as criteria for selecting his best man for the reception. An ideal wedding speech usually comprises of raising a toast to the newly married couple, an intimate account of the beautiful relationship between the couple, of course with an added tinge of humor. Not everyone is particularly good at it. However, there are people much worse at it than others.


John Keats

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