Criticism Of Others Quotes & Sayings

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Criticism of others is expressing your disapproval for someone else’ habits, likes, dislikes, dressing sense etc. Such a kind of criticism is never healthy. Critics should better watch themselves and their own flaws, rather than pointing a finger against someone else. If you raise one finger against someone, the rest of the fingers point back at you. People who indulge in criticism are considered to be having lots of free time, to discuss about any third person. A critic is actually a lame man, teaching others how to run. As far as criticising others is concerned, Malcolm Cowley had remarked, “ Be kind and considerate in your criticism.....It is just as hard to write a bad book as it is to write a good book.” Positive criticism is always entertained by all and sundry. If someone tells you your pitfalls or weaknesses, he provides you the scope to work upon them and become a much better person.



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