Soul Mates Quotes & Sayings

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Two people are said to be each other's soul mates if they develop a strong affinity and mutual liking for each other which culminates into marriage which is a life-long association. Attraction is the first step which builds up affinity towards someone of the opposite sex. Relationships start with attraction and develop over the time, gradually. Ups and downs are a part and parcel of a successful relationship. The secret of success of any relationship is to love the person whom you have found and chosen for yourself. Soul mates stay together and are bonded together by some spiritual power which keeps them together even when the relationship goes through turbulent times. Soul Mates develop intimacy and compatibility with each other over the course of their relationship. Preferably, one should choose someone with whom one can strike a lot of similarities and connection with. Choose your soul-mate wisely and work hard to make your relationship work.


John Keats

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