Learn To Accept and Forgive Your Past
One of the foremost approaches to learning in life is to make new decisions based off of previous experiences. It starts when we are young, many of us may have tried to draw near or even touch a hot stove not knowing that we would get burned, and then from that experience learn to stay away from touching hot burning stoves with no protection. This is an example of how we use our past mistakes to determine what decisions to make in our future. It is imperative that we draw from our experiences so that we won't get burned again.

It is important that we remember our past, the good times and the bad, but it is crucial for us not to live in the past. As many of you may already know, your past is your past for a reason. Though it will be influential in the way you presently live and ultimately your future, do not let your past hold you back from living your life as you want to live it, as long as you want to make positive forward strides towards your future. You must accept your past, the things you went through, mistakes you might have committed, and forgive those who have done you wrong. After you accept those things you must move on from them, using those life experiences as a stepping stone to progress in life. Failure to move on from your past will cause it to be dead weight in your life, severely slowing down your forward progress.

Apologizing Doesn't Mean That You're Wrong
Apologizing doesn't always mean that you're wrong and the other person is right. It just means that you value your relationship more than your ego.
We must remember an apology isn't an apology unless it's meaningful! If your apology isn't sincere and you're just apologizing to avoid an argument then that can just lead to more damage. Also you can't just apologize for everything, you have to know what you're apologizing for.
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Forgive and Forget
Forgive and Forget. Not Revenge and Regret.
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