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Cure is basically the treatment meted out to an individual who is ill or suffering from any physical or mental ailment. Cure or the remedy for healing every ill, is not available all the time. This is primarily the reason behind the saying that precaution is better than cure. One must always prepare and prevent a calamity or ill, rather than repenting or regretting later. Your safety is purely in your hands. There are diseases for which no cure is available as of now. AIDS is one among them. There is an increasing awareness regarding the disease, so that people know how to save themselves from the HIV virus. Aids is one of the most deadly diseases, curing which is an uphill task. H.L. Mencken had provided a quote on dealing with contempt. Quote verbatim, “The only cure for contempt is counter-contempt.” So, if someone dislikes you, pay him back in kind.”


Malika E Nura

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