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Quotes About Disorder
Quotes about Disorder
Tuesday, June 25
Dieting is something that people do in order to pull down their increasing weight. Dieting means, basically, reducing your intake of fats, carbohydrates and other food varieties which have high calorie content. Usually, while dieting, people consume boiled food and vegetables, skimmed milk and food that has high fibre-content and nutritional value. Dieting is obligatory for those people who are obese or for those who dream of a fine, chiselled body. Crash Dieting is something that dieticians strictly oppose. In the words of Bruce Froemming, “Dieting is murder on the road. Show me a man who travels and I will show you the one who eats.” Dieting should be coupled with regular exercise if you want to work towards a perfect body that may end up causing envy. You can take the help of dieticians or nutritionists who can help you with a diet chart, keeping in mind your daily nutritional requirements.