Being A Woman Quotes & Sayings

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There is nothing in this world that a woman cannot achieve if she has the ambition, determination and the gift to do it. The power of women is so great that others seem to realize only when it gets exploded. Being a woman has the capability of adjusting to all kinds of circumstances and only brings out the best in her, in times of crisis. This, she can achieve with ease, with a smile on her face. Being a woman is always filled with joy, with happiness, with responsibility and with a certain degree of mystery that is difficult to unveil by men. This world belongs to woman and it has been made more beautiful by women. Added with all these greatness, it can never be denied or altered that women alone are blessed with the power to create life. Here is a compilation on the quotes of being a woman that have been felt, realized and expressed with all greatness. Share them with your friends.


Anne Nwakama

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