Spontaneity Quotes & Sayings

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Spontaneity is impulsiveness and is the action done in response to any action that bothers us. “The essence of pleasure is spontaneity” says Germaine Greer. There are certain things which need to be done spontaneously. “If we wait to do everything until we are sure its right you will probably never do much of anything “said Win Borden. This is a highly competitive world and a fast world at that. If you miss an opportunity, there are scores in line to do that. Hence spontaneity is the order of the day. We cannot afford to wait for the answer for every question. The day demands that we have to take chances and one who is brave enough to jump into the rough waters with spontaneity, gets more opportunities than others. This gives him more pleasure and victory. Read these quotes on spontaneity and it will help to make a change in attitude.


Lao Tzu

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