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Disorder, basically has two common interpretations. The first basic interpretation refers to lack of order. Whenever anarchy, confusion and lawlessness prevail in an area or sphere, the place is said to be in a state of "disorder". Such disorder halts progress and hinders it completely. In the words of Margaret Cavendish, "For disorder obstructs: besides, it doth disgust life, distract the appetites, and yield no true relish to the senses." Another interpretation of the word "disorder" is any illness or disease. Disorder or disease can affect any of your senses and body parts. To protect your person from any disorder, have a fit, healthy and active lifestyle. Denis Diderot had once remarked, "Gaiety is the quality of ordinary men. Genius always presupposes some disorder in the machine." In this quote, disorder simply implies a fault in the machine, which can be easily foreseen by any genius at work and machines.


Sunday Adelaja

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