Being Insecure Quotes & Sayings

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Being insecure is the state of not being secure. If you are insecure, you always feel that someone is trying to take your place and is about to cash on your laurels and bag credit for everything that you do. Insecurity is something that people suffer from, when they are in relationship. The two partners are always insecure about each other if the relationship is going through a rough the phase. They feel that some other third person might intrude into their relationship, create a difference between the couple which cannot be resolved and eventually the relationship goes kaput. Insecurity is something that kills and disturbs concentration and focus. Never let something or someone become so indispensible for you that you start fearing its loss. Insecurity is triggered by this feeling of losing someone who is actually close to you and perhaps someone whom you cannot do without. Nobody is indispensible or larger than life, for that matter. So, stop fretting over the fact that you might lose something or someone important. This is the only way that you can avoid insecurity and being insecure. Tucker Carlson had once remarked, “Am not insecure about being a journalist.”



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