Is it being childish?
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i just broke up with my boyfriend,and the way i broke up with him is thru text only...i asked him if its over between us and i told him if yes dont reply but if no,text me...but i didnt recieve any text from him for 12 hours now,so i assumed it was hurts but i need to do that coz im already friend told me that the way i end my relationship with my bf is being childish,i should've called him for the last time to make things clear...but i know,the things ive told him on my text messages ,i can never have any courage to say it on phone..i love him but i dont wanna live in pain just beacuse of another guy again :'(
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devankimble505 Devon Kimble

Face your fears. Call him or meet up with him and tell him how you really feel. Text is not really childish but more like an easy way out. You can show him your emotions and how you are really feeling by seeing him face to face. Good luck!

JORdinary_[W.s.) S.Young

Thru text...thats just trying to find away to get away from the emotion. Then face to face, trying to find the easy way out. So yeah i will agree with her below me, both of you didnt own up to the fact to actually handle it the correct way, but noone;s perfect, we all make mistakes and learn from em.

SimplyyBliss Bliss

first of all how old are you.?? if your like 15 and under, Boyfriends shouldn't even be one of your priorities, both of you are childish for the things you've done and are doing as in your relationship. but whats done is done you broke up with him, but yes breaking up through text messages and so on.. are a very immature thing to do. does that answer your question.?

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