Unconditional Love Quotes & Sayings

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Unconditional love is selfless love. When you love someone selflessly without imposing your will on someone, your love towards the other person becomes unconditional. The foundation of unconditional love rests upon trust and faith. By far, the people who love us unconditionally are our parents. A parent's love for his or her child is completely selfless and pure. In life, finding someone who pampers us with unconditional love is quite a challenge. All of us fall into relationships. Many work out and many don't. One of the primary reasons why relationships fail is when one of the partners becomes too imposing or tries to dominate the other partner. Being in a relationship does not mean that you rule or control the other person's life. You ought to give the other person enough space to grow individually. Then only, can your relationship bloom and blossom. Lucky are the couples who always keep showering unconditional love and care on each other.


Joshua Aaron Guillory

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