Conscience Quotes & Sayings

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Conscience is your moral sense which helps you to distinguish between the right and the wrong. When a person makes a mistake or does anything ethically wrong, his conscience can never be at peace. It troubles him from within and he then experiences the feeling of guilt. A guilty conscience can only be overcome by making a confession. People resort to confessing their mistake so as to overcome their guilt. A person should never do things that his conscience does not allow, even though the time or situation demands it. Come what may, a person should never give up on his morals or conscience, even in the most testing circumstances. This is a hallmark of noble person. Mahatma Gandhi, the man who wore the loin cloth and played a major part in India’s struggle for freedom, once made a remark, “In matters of conscience, the law of majority has no place.”


DrAnil Kumar Sinha

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