Playing Arthur, I'm sorry to sound sappy, but it was a gift from the Gods. I've always been a working actor and I've always made my living in acting for a long time. I'd been auditioning for that show, I knew the casting directors pretty well. Arthur was the fifth character I auditioned for on the show. They kept bringing me in for parts and not finding anything for me. I actually wasn't supposed to audition for the part of Arthur, I was auditioning for one of the gay choir members from David's choir. Then I read about that part and went, 'Oh my God, that's perfect for me.' And I asked permission to read for it right then and there. I went in and auditioned without any preparation whatsoever and I think that probably helped me because I didn't overthink it. It was an amazing experience. Those shows are so well written and so well acted they're like little one-hour movies. So in a way I got to do like twelve or thirteen little one-hour movies as a very interesting and complex character. Everyone was really cool. Alan Ball, all the artists behind that show, were just so supportive and great and that really helped launch my career. I'm really grateful to the show for that.
Rainn Wilson


Rainn Wilson

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