Publicity Quotes & Sayings

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Publicity is the exposure obtained or that is used for promotion of a product or a person. This is especially useful and in fact, a necessity for those in the cinema field. Publicity is the essential ingredient while launching a new product in business. Only if the tricks of publicity are known, the product will be able to par excel other products. “Publicity is like poison; it does not hurt unless you swallow it “says Joe Paterno. But once publicity is attained, great care is required to sustain the publicity and stay fit to be on top form. Hence as Thomas Lawrence humorously says, “to have news value is to have a tin can tied to ones tail”. Publicity invites criticism; publicity warrants glare and when publicity is got, even a small mistake committed will be blown multifold and hence extra care is needed to sustain publicity. Read these quotes on publicity they are interesting and we can learn lessons from them.


Joshua Aaron Guillory

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