Actors And Acting Quotes & Sayings

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Acting is a serious business because acting deals with very delicate emotions. It is not putting up mask says Jeanne Moreau but rather every time an actor exposes himself and does not hide himself. A good actor is one who strains himself on the stage and has the capability to strain all the people watching him. So, it needs a lot of observation to give a good acting and combine it with the own experience. The risk of acting is that people tend to forget the difference between the man and his image and there is no much difference between the voice on screen and in real life. Again, to be a good actor, it is utterly necessary that the actor loves what he does; he should love the acting and give out all his efforts into the screen. The various quotes on acting and actors give the experience of actors who have opened their mind to reveal a part of them.


Tony Servillo

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