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Arguments can achieve nothing and bring in no progress except in one place, the court of law. In arguments, you will have to necessarily take one side and as a result, you fail to see or refuse to see the justice or good things of the other side. Whether you lose or win in arguments, you gain nothing but the last word. An American proverb sys, “the more arguments you win, the less friends you have “. It is more difficult to converse in a friendly manner but it is very easy to get into arguments. In a conversation, you exchange the knowledge but in an argument, only the ignorance of two people is exposed. Then what is the point in getting into an argument? It is the habit of some people to get into an argument for very silly reasons which is harmful for the people around and brings in a restless atmosphere. This habit should be got rid of and send these quotes on arguments to your friends.


Sonya Parker

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