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A pinch of comedy is essential in our daily life to get rid of the monotonous routine. Real comedy has the power to make the most serious person laugh. Comedy is categorized into two - one that is based on language and the other that needs no language. The second category is universal and can be enjoyed by people of all languages, countries or continents. A life without comedy is unimaginable because humans are the only beings capable of laughing. This is the biggest gift and asset offered by the Almighty and it is left to humans to make the best out of it. Ironically, those who have a good sense of humor have faced more troubles and hardships in life than others. A comedian’s life is invariably filled with tragedies as in the case of Charlie Chaplin where he suffered a lot in his childhood. So, we see that to enjoy or make comedy, your life need not be joyful but you can make others happy and enjoy the comedy. Quotes on comedy are aplenty and send them to your friends to have a lighter moment.


Rick Sutter

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