Army Quotes & Sayings

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An army consists of disciplined people without which it would be a bunch of guys wearing the same uniform. The army is the most important part of the country that is not only strong but also active, brave and vigilant. This world has seen so many wars but there seems to be many lessons to be learnt from these wars. “The wars may be fought with weapons but they are won by men” is the famous quote of George Patton. The men in the army are responsible for his fellow countrymen sleep peacefully at nights while he stands guard of the country’s frontiers. In war, there is no substitute for victory and the army strives with all its might to sacrifice their lives for the country. Every citizen of the country should proudly and with gratitude salute each and every man of the army. The patriotism is at peak with army men and quotes on army reflect this view. Utilize these quotes to spread the word of patriotism.


Laurence Sterne

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