Crime Quotes & Sayings

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Crime is defined as any action that is illegal or against the law. A person who indulges in crime is called a criminal. Crime is nothing but a very disgraceful and unfair act. Criminals resort to crime so as to satisfy their selfish aims. Several kinds of crimes occur in the society like murders, theft, rape, shop-lifting etc. To stay safe and protect yourself from becoming a victim of crime, you need to be vigilant and alert. Policemen or the authority responsible for maintaining law and order in any area, should work actively to curb crime and bring the guilty to book rather than letting them go scot free. In the words of Voltaire, "Fear follows crime and is its punishment". People afflicted by any crime, really find it hard to come back to normalcy and live a life, free from any fear. Criminals should be dealt with strictly too, once they are caught.



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