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Plagiarism is the process of copying another person’s idea or written work and claiming it to be original. This happens very often in the field of literature, art and cinema. Plagiarism is done by those who do not posses confidence in them but they do not realize that originality would stand the test of time and will be appreciated. Plagiarism, though attractive initially, will soon disappear and will be rejected by the know ledged section of people. Wilson Mizner humorously quotes “copy from one, its plagiarism; copy from two, its research”. Plagiarism should not be encouraged because the blood and sweat of the original writer, artist or the other is stolen without any effort and the benefits are enjoyed which is unjustifiable. Therefore, originality should be appreciated and plagiarism should be shunned. Albert Einstein gives the idea “a secret to creativity knows how to hide your sources”. Read these quotes on plagiarism which are original!


Nishan Panwar

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