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A Christian by religion is someone who practices Christianity. Someone who believes in the teachings of Jesus Christ is a Christian. Awesome Christian is a term used for someone who believes and abides by the faith of Christianity, dutifully and religiously. For him, the Bible is his religious scripture and Christmas is his religious festival. An awesome Christian believes in the teachings and qualities of Jesus Christ. Christians visit the church as their place of religious offering and worship Christ. For awesome Christians, Jesus is the symbol of equality, love, and selfless brilliance. Awesome Christians believe that God is omnipotent, omnipresent, and omniscient. For awesome Christians, Jesus is the summum bonumor or highest God of life and so they worship him religiously. They spread the teachings of Christ religiously and believe in spreading peace and tranquility in the world. Awesome Christians are deeply religious and have unwavering faith in the teachings of Christ.


CS Lewis

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