Abusive Relationship Quotes & Sayings

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Abusive relationships do not last long. Relationships should be built on trust, loyalty and faith with a strong foundation of love. When ego and chauvinism take the driving seat, it would certainly result in abusive relationship. It is sad that even in the 21st century there are women who are subjected to abusive relationship from men. Only a very less percentage of cases are brought o light whereas there are scores of women who silently experience the wrath and slavery of men. This kind of situation must change and there should be a strong protest from women. An unknown quote says, ‘please remember that your wife is a human being. If you abuse your wife physically, emotionally or psychologically, then, don’t expect her to remain loyal to you “. Abusive relationships are also dangerous because they are like addiction and once a person gets into the habit of abusing his wife, he may never come out of it. So, it is high time this is sopped. Here is a collection of quotes said by many people on abusive relationships.



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