Being The Other Guy Quotes & Sayings

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You are said to be "the other guy" in a relationship, when you are seeing some girl who already has a significant other. Girls might not be blatant about confessing the fact that they are seeing you while they are already in a relationship. Nevertheless, being the other guy, it is totally your call how you deal with the relationship and move ahead. At times, the other guy is unwillingly responsible for making the girl break-up her ties with her significant other because of emotions and feelings swinging in favor of the "other guy." However, men do not revel in the idea of "being the other guy." They can be loose in their character and infidel too. Nevertheless, they demand fidelity from the women they are related to. While being the other guy, you will always get a secondary status in your woman's life and that is how you will be perceived by the society. Being the other guy is no less disgraceful than being the other woman/girl.


Telisa McLaughlin

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