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Bachelors are born to enjoy, is the common opinion. One quote by Mencken that says, “Bachelors have conscience, married men have wives” implies that wives act as conscience for men. There is no restriction, the need to answer and a bond in a bachelor’s life. As long as it is within the allowed limits, bachelorship is the time to enjoy. Married men are so jealous of bachelors that they wish for a second chance to rectify their mistakes. But a bachelor’s life is always not a bed of roses because his life is a fine breakfast, a flat lunch and a miserable dinner. As life progresses, a bachelor feels the insecurity in his life and longs to be settled with a marriage. There are numerous thought- provoking as well as funny quotes on bachelor’s life which are the views expressed by some bachelors and a state of helplessness expressed by married men. Read them and they are interesting.



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