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Men are a necessary entity in this world because we cannot imagine a world without men. It is the law of nature that both men and women should live together in this world for the human progeny to survive. Very few men are able to live up to the reputation and appreciation from women. It is hard to find out what is needed of men. “Men are at the bottom animal, midway citizen and at the top divine. But the climate of this world is such that few ripen at the top “said Henry ward Beecher. In majority of the cases, men are despised for cheating on women and this infuriates the women. As Oscar Wilde said, “young men want to be faithful and are not old men want to be faithless and cannot”. The various types of nature in men are mainly attributed to their upbringing, the society and the bloodline. All men are of one metal but not in one mold. Several quotes on men are given here which give a diversified view on them. Read them and share with your friends.



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