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Being cool is all about staying cool, casual and composed all the time, regardless of the circumstances. You and your cool character can be reflected in a plethora of diverse ways. The way you carry yourself in public, more specifically your gait, speaks volumes about how cool a person you are. Cool people are quite casual and happy-go-lucky types who take life easy. The word “tension” simply does not exist in their dictionary. Indian cricket captain, MS Dhoni is nicknamed “Captain Cool”. Your attire and your communication can also reflect how cool you are. Cool people dress up in a fashion that highlights their cool and suave nature and brings it to the fore. Shorts, baggy jeans, stylish denims and three-fourths are worn by mostly all cool people these days. You should keep your cool so as to avoid being perturbed by unlikely and untoward circumstances. It is important that you keep your chin up even in the face of adversities. People who possess a cool character can handle adverse situations with great ease.


Anurag Prakash Ray

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