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I m the sh..” is a popular song by Kanye West, the American Pop singer. “I m the sh..” are generally the words of a dejected and crestfallen person who is not at peace with himself. His life lacks fun, mirth, laughter and enjoyment. He is devoid of any kind of fun and frolic which makes him repeatedly utter the same, i.e. “I am the sh..”. Such people need to understand that life is all about making it happen rather than waiting for things to happen. Such people should grab every opportunity or chance that comes their way to make their life somewhat happening, merry and worthwhile. “I m the sh..” are the words of a person who is very negative about himself and extremely ignorant of his potential and abilities. A person who utters such words definitely has a low level of self-image and self –esteem that makes him degrade him to such a level that he starts calling himself “the sh..”.



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