Biking Quotes & Sayings

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Biking is not only the best form of exercise but is the most cost- effective of all. It can be afforded by an ordinary person and gives the freedom of swiftness in motion, with the wind brazing through the face. The thrill, self confidence and enjoyment attained from biking are unparallel. Biking also gives a great sense of satisfaction and is a stress reliever. Ernest Hemmingway says that biking gives the opportunity to learn the contours of a country best as against any other vehicle. Numerous famous personalities including Helen Keller have enjoyed biking. In a more philosophical note, Albert Einstein said “life is like riding a bicycle: in order to keep your balance, you must keep moving”. There is no harm to the environment due to air pollution, there is no expense on gas and additionally, biking gives the best calorie reduction technique. Here is a collection of biking quotes by famous personalities.


Lance Armstrong

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