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Affections are like lightning, you cannot tell where they will strike until they have fallen, says a quote. Affection is an important trait has to be necessarily cultivated in the minds of humans and which already exists in lesser mortals like animals. There is no power that is greater than true affection and it has the power to withstand any rough form of qualities. The seed of affection must be sown in the young minds to dream of a utopian world, where there is only affection love, togetherness and no place for war and hatred. We can never say that affection bestowed on others has been wasted, affection was never wasted. In fact, any amount of affection is always reciprocated with equal, if not more magnitude. This is true for parents to children between a man and a woman or between friends. A gentle touch of hand speaks more than volumes of words. Spread the feel of affection to your friends through these quotes.


Sarah Lake

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