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While looking at the damage done to the environment by cars, trucks and other vehicles, it is good if man’s invention had stopped with bicycles. Bicycles are the ultimate in comfort, convenience and affordability. The invention of bicycles gave men the freedom to move around terrains, slopes, fields and roads with the capability to know the nook and corner of the country. “Bicycling is the nearest approximation to the flight of birds”, says Louis J Helle Jr. Even in the most developed countries, bicycles have not lost their charm. You will never regret buying a bicycle as it is the first unforgettable vehicle in anyone’s life to give self confidence, courage and the ability to balance. Even after the invention of many more sophisticated vehicles and supersonic planes, bicycles have not lost their charm and popularity. Such is their value and great leaders and celebrities were and are lovers of bicycles. Share these quotes on bicycles with your friends and dear ones.


Heinz Stucke

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