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Bombs are thought to show the development in science and technology man has made over the years. But we forget that in fact, they take us to the prehistoric days when survival of the fittest was the motto and humans had to destroy other fellow humans or animals in order to survive. So, where is the justice in boasting of producing atom bombs and hydrogen bombs? When the bombs explode they not show the power of the bombs but also the extent of stupidity of man too. This is true for bombs that re placed by terrorists who seek pleasure in killing their fellow human begins for the sake of their so called principle. Bombs are the price we have given in order to prove that we have made great advancement n science. There is no end to the explosion that it causes because it only triggers a chain reaction that ahs no end seeking more and more vengeance. Octave Mirabeau says that “the greatest danger of bombs is in the explosion of stupidity that they provoke”. Know the dangers of bombs by reading these quotes.


A Whitney Brown

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