Peace Quotes & Sayings

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Peace is calmness or tranquility that is experienced by us. everyone wants to live and die in peace. The world is made to live in harmony and in peace together and not fight with each other. It is in our hands to attain peace because as Lord Buddha said, ‘peace comes from within ‘. Only our actions and words destroy the peace that is existing. There is no way to peace, peace is the way. All the religions preach that peace is the only way of survival and the sayings and preaching’s point out only at peace. Imagine a world that is full of piece and there is no hatred, fight, difference of opinion and anger. This will be greater than heaven and so, it is in our hands to live peacefully and make this earth a heaven. Olive branch and dove should rule the world and not the swords and guns. Propagate the message of peace to others through these quotes.


Jhiess Krieg

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