Death Quotes & Sayings

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Death means the end of life. Death is something that can happen all of a sudden, or it may be due to some long time suffering. Death can occur any time as a result of an accident too. This is what makes it all the more undesirable. Sudden demise of anyone forces us to believe the fact that death can happen to anyone, at the most unexpected times. “For that is born, death is certain, and for the dead, birth is certain. So, grieve not over something that is unavoidable.” This is a quote from Bhagwad Gita, one of the holy books of the Hindus. Death happens to everyone who is alive, at different points of time. People attach the theory of Karma to death. Someone who does good deeds during his lifetime goes to heaven, which is considered to be the abode of angels. On the other hand, someone who indulged in vices and lead an unscrupulous life, is sent to hell, which is the place inhabited by all evil souls.



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