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Christmas Cheer is a slang term used for beverages and especially alcoholic beverages, which are consumed around the Christmas holiday all across the world. Christmas cheer literally implies the spirit and fervor of Christmas. Christmas Cheer is a non-profit organization that works dedicatedly to share the spirit of Christmas among the underprivileged section of the society. Christmas cheer raises funds to provide gifts and toys to poor and underprivileged children on Christmas. Christmas cheer also works to raise funds to provide food for Christmas dinner for poor and deprived families and warm clothing for children as well as elderly members in deprived families. Christmas is the time to spread cheer around the world. Christmas holidays are supposed to be happening, cheerful and delightful. Christmas cheer foundations work dedicatedly to make Christmas experience delightful and happening for the less privileged sections of the society with voluntary support and donations from people who are willing to do some charity.

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