Feeling Lonely Quotes & Sayings

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Feeling lonely is feeling as though no one else is there for you in your time of need, and is described by some as some of the worst pain that one can experience, because it is pain that is experienced solely by one person. Normally feeling lonely stems from a change in a person’s natural environment, such as when a person moves away from home, or moves away from their family members or friends. In situations such as these feeling lonely is normal. Sometimes people are lonely because of the negative thoughts that they think in their heads, and instead of appreciating the people in their lives, are too ungrateful to realize that they should be grateful for the people that are in their lives, even if the people in their lives aren’t playing an active of a role as they feel that they should be playing. Feeling lonely is never easy, it is important to stay positive and to hold your head high in order to move past these feelings.



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